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#British #BioMedicine #Institute #An #Evidence And #Skill #Based #eLearning #Platform

Experience, Global Reach and Highly Disciplined Execution

BBMCT Clinical Trial Management leverages our unique partnering philosophy and team structure to deliver effective, end-to-end collaboration, training, and resource planning around the globe. Our dedicated teams are designed to serve as an extension of your team and provide unrivalled support at every stage of the drug development process.

In order to efficiently manage trials, organizations participating in clinical trials often utilize Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) to consolidate all of their operational data.

BBMCT CTMS is a powerful end-to-end clinical trials management solution that brings control, efficiency and quality data to every study. This web-based CTMS works on the go, letting you view and manage real-time operational performance — wherever and whenever.

BBMCT CTMS transforms a disjointed clinical trial into an efficient and cohesive work environment with Microsoft – the most widely used office productivity tools in the world. Bi-directional information exchange from BBMCT CTMS to SharePoint and other Microsoft products is seamless, making for a powerful, high-performance solution.

#British #BioMedicine #Institute #An #Evidence And #Skill #Based #eLearning #Platform

British BioMedicine Clinical Trials (BBMCT)

BBMCT Offers:

Experienced Execution: Proficient and experienced team members, working closely with the industry’s top therapeutic and regulatory experts, engage quickly and provide strategic thinking – ensuring quicker start-up times, superior quality, and the most efficient delivery at every phase of global trial

Essential Partnerships: Comprehensive communication is utilized throughout all phases of the clinical trial to build and maintain successful partnerships – with Sponsors and Sites

Dedication: Shared common goals and expectations regarding drug development ensure commitment to success. Also the lowest turnover rates in the industry allow you to enjoy continuity and peace of mind from development plan to product approval

BBMCT Clinical Trial Management provides critical support to ensure success and efficient delivery at every phase of global trials.  An experienced and dedicated Clinical Trial Manager leads all aspects of your study – working closely with the global BBMCT cross-functional project team, and other vendors to seamlessly execute the trial.  Continuous feedback is provided on critical elements. Our clinical trial management team proactively monitors study milestones to ensure your trial is not only successful, but delivered on time and on budget.

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